THE DV7 WAY, Project Partnering

Discover, Design,
Develop, Verify, Validate, Document and Deploy

This is what sets DV7 Engineering apart and is most beneficial to our customers. DV7 Engineering designed and built this scalable process around a framework for designing, developing, testing and documenting both hardware and software. The processes and framework were built from the ground up utilizing over 30 years of experience and a passion for excellence. It is these 30 years of experience that allows DV7 to understand what is best for the customer and scale the process appropriately depending on; industry, product, criticality, risk, cost, certification (if needed) and the business needs of the product and project.

Rather than complete “Individual tasks” DV7 becomes a “project partner”.

Individual Tasks- are completed independently without understanding the scope or with a view of the overall project. (High likelihood of technical debt, cost overruns and failure)


Project Partnering- is when you coordinate and collaborate with all members of the team and all views of the project keeping tasks in line with the ultimate goal. DV7 will start with a risk and impact analysis. This will ultimately be far more effective, faster and cost effective ultimately creating a higher quality and safer product. (High likelihood of success with no technical debt)

Why is this crucial?

DV7 Engineering uses the 30+ years of engineering knowledge and business experience to look at the long-term goals, to benefit you, the customer. This has immediate impact with a FREE high-level evaluation to understand the complexity, technical deliverables and documentation.

DV7 will work with you, and partner with you to clearly articulate the efficiencies and cost effectiveness to the project and long-term product roadmap.


The right way, the DV7 way!

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