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What is your Product development process?

We review your product idea and perform a Discovery phase and then design requirements and develop a clear understanding of your goals, we will define and discuss with you the best way to achieve them along the way with open communication.

Who will own the design and IP?

Everything our team designs for you belongs to you once the work is paid.


Can you build a prototype of my design?

Yes, we can build a range of prototypes, including mechanical prototypes, electrical prototypes, GUI prototypes and software and mobile app prototypes. We use rapid prototyping technologies, including 3D printing, CNC machining, silicon rubber molding, laser cutting, and others.


What would I get as an outcome?

Deliverables. Everything we would agree on. Deliverables would be clearly contracted and agreed upon for your specific situation. It depends on the type of product, and if it needs to meet certifications for the FAA, FDA or NTSB. We provide a full spectrum of product development-related services so we can deliver a turnkey solution inclusive of all hardware, software, testing and documentation or just a part of your project, perhaps just IV&V testing, or help with development.