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About Us

We are a passionate group of hardware and software engineers, V&V testers and documentation specialists who have produced and tested sophisticated software, using our proprietary process and framework, which is scalable for certified and non-certified industries. Simply put, we like finding solutions to issues and utilizing all our skills for the benefit of our clients to produce world-class products and solutions.

We are also caring human beings. A percentage of our profits will go to causes in the local community that fight hunger and focus on children.


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Industrial Automation

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DV7 provides custom engineering solutions across all markets.


Why DV7


Business Plan Consulting

Many engineering companies simply act as just engineers. At DV7 we look at the complex nature of a project. Whether it’s a new product for a startup, added functionality, or testing of an existing product for a Billion dollar corporation. We help provide an analysis, including a business case. We also can incorporate assessments of; functionality, usability, clinical analysis and environmental testing. We can connect you with funding organizations, start up incubators, and payment options if necessary.


Go to Market Faster

We follow the processes of ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. These incorporate IEC 62304 as well as DO-178 and DO-254 as required by the FDA, FAA and other certified bodies to bring safety critical devices to the market. Our processes are driven by requirements, and this is the catalyst for the overall project planning; design, development, POC, INDEPENDENT V&V (Testing) and documentation. Our honed processes and in house tools cut the time down drastically.



Roadmaps Designed for Function & Profit

We provide help in building a long-term product roadmap that allows you to plan the business aspects along with the design and engineering tasks. Including but not limited to; upgrades, added functionality and software releases,… ongoing support contracts. This keeps costs and milestones in mind, so you are on time, on budget, and profitable. We have an intimate knowledge of the industries we serve and what it takes to guide you around decisions that will ultimately create success and avoid technical debt via rework or a delay in your launch or approval.


DV7 Engineering

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DV7 Engineering is committed to the success of our clients. We strive to educate, collaborate, and partner on projects to solve problems and create superior products. 

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