DV7 Engineers have been providing complex avionics product and software development solutions for companies worldwide. Few teams can match the level of safety-critical expertise of DV7. Whether you are adding functionality to existing equipment. Need (IV&V) Independent Verification and Validation or have an idea for new software functionality. You may need a new piece of equipment that needs to be airworthy, or to support the ground services crews. DV7 can guide it through the process; designed, documented and tested in the proper fashion for the certification required for the FAA, DO-178B/C, DO- 326A (Cyber)… this kind of technologically advanced product needs a  team that has been there and done that. That is DV7 Engineering.

Product Development

  • DV7 Engineering is highly experienced and focused. From collaboration around needs, or specific requirements, to prototyping, all the way through to a deployable mission-ready system… the right way the DV7 way!
  • Experience in embedded System and Sub-System Development
  • Industry knowledge of flight-worthy and ground service product engineering featuring; usability, feasibility, safety, and ruggedness
  • Equipped to handle electro-mechanical and software development
  • Built-in INDEPENDENT IV&V team. All testing can be legally and properly completed and documented under one roof.
  • Solutions geared for FAA and worldwide approvals
  • Virtually unlimited capabilities to prototype, design and if needed design transfer to manufacturing.

Software Development

DV7 offers development of complete critical and non-critical embedded software packages. Development is performed using a hybrid methodology which produces high quality, safety critical, and testable software in a rapid and cost-efficient manner.

  • Planning process documentation and development tooling set-up
  • Requirements planning and tracing
  • High-level software specification from client system specification
  • Software architecture and low-level design
  • Source code
  • Software executable generation and debugging.

DV7 maintains a complete one stop SDLC environment and corresponding IV&V activities are performed by legally Independent V&V integrated teams.

IV&V Independent Verification & Validation

IV&V- Independent Verification & Validation is an engineering process employing rigorous methodologies, and the use of tools for evaluating the correctness and quality of the software product throughout the software lifecycle. Software IV&V is adapted to the characteristics of the project, and the level of criticality.

IV&V the DV7 way;

  • Includes risk identification and mitigation techniques
  • Provides independent evaluation and assessment of:
    • Are we building the product correctly? Which is verification
    • Did we build the correct product? Which is validation
  • Requires technical, managerial, and financial independence see figure 1.
  • Makes a value-added contribution, everyone shares the same mission and success objective
    • Provides management with project assurance
    • Provides project management with an unbiased source of help and review
  • Helps Deliver
    • Risk identification and mitigation
    • Increased quality and safety
    • Improve timeliness and reliability
    • Reduced escapes, means little or no rework, faster completion and lowered costs.

Figure 1

The DV7 Way vs. the wrong way of developing and testing

Bad requirements and bad testing (low cost), lead to high % of escapes. Leading to rework, delays and much higher cost. Worst case, catastrophic failure, injury and loss of life.

DV7 Engineering

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