Mission Critical Product Development

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Why Product Development for Mission Critical Industries is Different

The term “mission critical” or “safety critical” refers to products or services whose failure could lead to major problems. When it comes to product development, mission critical industries require teams that understand the importance of creating solutions that are reliable and secure. These solutions must meet high standards of performance and accuracy while being cost-effective and producing results in a timely manner. Let’s take a look at how product development for mission critical industries differs from other types of product development.

The Need for Quality Assurance

One of the biggest differences between product development for mission critical industries and other types of product development is the need for quality assurance. Quality assurance involves testing products to ensure they meet specific standards, such as safety requirements or performance levels. For mission critical industries, this means that any potential risks associated with a product must be identified and addressed before its launch. This includes making sure any security vulnerabilities are patched up and any potential design flaws have been corrected.

Strict Regulations

In addition to quality assurance, mission critical industries also face stringent regulations when it comes to their products’ design and functionality. This means that teams working on these projects must pay close attention to detail in order to ensure their solutions comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Regulatory bodies, such as the FAA, NTSB or FDA will also require teams to perform certain tests or provide certain documentation before approving any new products or services. Because of this, it is essential that teams have an in-depth understanding of the regulations governing their industry when developing new solutions for mission critical applications.

Cost Considerations

Finally, cost considerations play a major role in product development for mission critical industries because these projects often involve complex engineering processes that can be quite expensive. Teams must find ways to optimize their costs while still ensuring quality results. This could include identifying ways to streamline processes or utilizing existing technologies instead of developing custom ones from scratch. It is also important for teams to create realistic budgets so they can accurately measure the success of their projects once they’re complete.


Product development for mission critical industries presents unique challenges due to its focus on reliability, security, compliance with regulatory requirements, and cost effectiveness. Teams working on these projects must pay close attention to detail in order to ensure their solutions meet all applicable standards while staying within budget constraints. By taking the time to research regulations, utilize existing technologies where possible, and adhere strictly to quality assurance protocols, businesses can ensure their mission critical products will be reliable and secure upon release into the market.

Why DV7 for your next Mission Critical project

The decades of experience the DV7 team has in safety critical industries has allowed the team the understanding to scale our processes to meet the needs of all industries, and criticality levels. The reason being, the words mission critical mean important, and we at DV7 consider every project or product that we work on mission critical, because it is to your company. We have scaled our processes to fit into all industries and levels of criticality, so every product and project get the same level of quality and safety DV7 is known for in a fast and cost-efficient manner.

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